"I recently landed the CEO position for the Greater Louisville Medical Society. After going through all the rigors of a tedious month’s long search committee process, I was then asked to give a final compelling presentation to the board of governors. I met with Mr. Coury Deeb to discuss my plan. I had already reserved myself to sticking with spoken word for this particular presentation. Mr. Deeb spent hours listening and seeking to understand my story, my vision for the organization and exactly who comprised my audience. After listening patiently, Mr. Deeb challenged me to reconsider the use of visual aids. Using the elements of storytelling, he diagrammed my presentation in a totally new way that had not occurred to me and then assisted me in developing visually stunning images that wowed my audience. This was a tough high profile crowd, but after trusting Mr. Deeb and employing many of his suggestions, I was given a standing ovation and was unanimously selected by the board immediately following my presentation. I enthusiastically and wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Coury Deeb if you are in a similar situation or if you simply have a story to tell that needs to produce a knock-out punch or a roomful of tears. Prepare yourself now for the applause."
- Bert T. Guinn, MBA, CAE
(President of the Greater Louisville Medical Society)


“Coury was the keynote speaker for our annual fundraising breakfast and was such an asset to our event!  His stories were fascinating and his message really resonated with our guests, inspiring them to take action and serve.  He did a fantastic job connecting with his audience and with our mission.”
- Andrea Stevens
(Executive Director- New Albany/Floyd County Habitat for Humanity)