Coury Deeb is a filmmaker, storyteller, thrill-seeker, philanthropist, entrepreneur, husband and father of three. Above all, Coury is a faith-filled believer in Hope. His undying optimism — which often clouds his ability to detect peril — and his need for adventure have led him into some of the worlds’ most dangerous places. What he has brought back from each place, what sets Coury apart, are the stories of others’ optimism and peril. These individuals’ stories of tragedy and triumph along with Coury’s fierce determination to help those he has met along the way make Coury’s life a mirror for those listening. Nadus Films, the nonprofit movie making company that Coury founded, exists “to make films that make a difference.”

Coury has a message to share and a unique perspective on life that draws people to him. Just like his film making pursuits, Coury encourages the viewers to not stop at pressing play. His films are not for awareness only. His stories demand adventure, activism, and altruism. 

Don’t have a vision? Coury can help you develop one. His stories alone beg his listeners to ask themselves for what end are they are living. His films are a great starting place to identify those who need your unique abilities! 

Coury speaks on a variety of themes including:

  • Missional living
  • Using your gifts to serve
  • Filmmaking
  • Storytelling
  • Completing a project
  • Cross-cultural experiences
  • Social justice

Coury enjoys engaging the attention of a variety of audiences as well, including: 

  • College campuses
  • Churches
  • Conferences
  • Socially-conscience groups
  • Missionally-minded organizations or private groups

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